Dr. Aiello - Retirement Letter


April 19, 2013


Dear Friends,


It is with a mixture of emotions that I am finally able to write this letter. As of July 1, I will have practiced medicine for 42 years. It has been both a pleasure and honor to do so and leaving what has occupied most of my life’s energy is difficult. But for everything there is a season and for me the time has come. I am going to retire from general pediatric practice at the end of June this year. Because I am having some trouble with this “transition,” I am going to continue to run the concussion clinic (SportsSafe), the After Hours Kids clinic and continue to practice Aviation Medicine. I retired from teaching at the U.T. School of Nursing last year.

I have always been about planning and balance in my life (anal retentive? Both our children are engineers!). I don’t want to be the “Brett Favre” of Pediatric Associates and overstay my welcome. My wife of 46 years and I still have some unfinished business and for the first time in my life, I no longer feel unlimited. I am not sick nor do I feel old. I am still busy doing the other things I love. I still fly airplanes, ride horses and pretend to be a rancher. But there is a sense of slowing down…..maybe…sort of…. kicking and screaming. Damn.

I have loved this job and loved the Pediatric Associates family. I will miss all “my kids” and the warm fuzzy feelings I get from all of you. I feel as if I have made many friends with patient families over the years and have many second-generation patients. One of my favorite generational associations is that I have been caring for the grandchildren of my college roommate. Who would have thought! The good news is that the great medicine and service will continue on with Pediatric Associates. In addition, we have hired a replacement for me starting July 1st. Dr. Ashley Gonzales has been practicing in Florida and is excited to move to Austin--who wouldn’t? We were fortunate to have several excellent candidates for the position but picked Dr. Gonzales as the best “fit” for our practice.

As a way of saying goodbye and hello to the new doc, we would like to invite all current patient families, and any of my old families to a celebratory gathering at the office. It will be some time in August and notification will be through the email list and on-line newsletter. If you are not on our email newsletter list, you can sign up on our website at www.pediatricassociates.net Tell all my former patient families that you might know too. Everyone is welcome. We will try to have some kid friendly food, parent friendly food and a holiday from healthy food. I’m thinking ice cream. I sincerely hope you will attend.


My warmest regards,


Leslie F. Aiello, M.D.

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