Dr. Gill - Retirement Letter


October 1, 2007


Dear Friends and Families,


It's my bittersweet job to tell you that Joyce, (my wife of forty years) and I have decided that it is time for me to retire. This letter is very difficult for me to write because I have treasured the time that you have allowed me to share your family’s lives and child rearing responsibilities. There have been tough times to be sure, but most have been very happy and rewarding. Many of you have especially honored me by having me not only be your “Dr. Gill” as a child but choosing me to be your child’s “Dr. Gill” also. It is not, I assure you, a responsibility that I have taken lightly. In the thirty-three years that I’ve been in practice I’ve yet to take a vacation or even take a day off that one or more of you or your children didn’t “come with me”. After I retire I’m pretty sure those thoughts and concerns will continue.

My last official day at Pediatric Associates will be December 31, 2007. Although I’ve not formalized my retirement plans, (meaning Joyce hasn’t told me what we’re doing), I’m pretty sure it will involve seeing a lot more of my daughter Camille and her husband Mark, in Portland, OR and spending some extra time with “Gunner” my new grandson.

Although my health is not perfect, I feel Blessed to be able to leave Pediatric Associates “head first” and with the certain knowledge that I’m leaving your child’s care with physicians who share my philosophies and concern. I would hope that you would continue to see one of them. If you prefer, however, just let us know and we’ll forward copies of your records to the physician of your choice.

I want to wish you all the best of luck raising your “babies”. Parenting is a difficult but ultimately a fulfilling and rewarding job. I would leave you with these two thoughts…every chance you get hug your kids and SAY “I love you” often….they grow up so very fast!


Your Grateful Dr. & friend,


Ellis Gill, M.D.

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