7-8 Year Well Check



Promotion of Healthy Habits

  • Make sure that I get enough sleep.
  • Limit television activity. The quality of programs being watched by me is important. Watch programs with me, and discuss them with me.
  • Get me involved in physical activities such as PE in school or sports activities after-school. If not, at least walk with me every day.
  • Ensure that I brush my teeth twice a day. Regularly supervise tooth brushing and flossing.
  • Supervise and help me with my homework every day.

Injury Prevention

  • Insist that I wear a seatbelt in the car at all times.
  • I should know how to swim. Even if I know how to swim, an adult should supervise me at all times.
  • Lock up all medicines, matches, and poisons at home.
  • Do not smoke inside the house or in the car. If relatives or friends want to smoke, make sure they smoke outside of the house.
  • It is best if guns are not kept inside homes with children. If this is not possible, guns should be kept locked and unloaded, with ammunition kept separately.
  • I should always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, skates, or a scooter.
  • I should know my home address and phone number. I should know safety rules for interacting with strangers and what to do if home alone.
  • Reinforce sports safety with me including the need to wear protective gear such as a mouth guard or a face protector.
  • Do not allow me to mow your lawn at this age.
  • Practice sun protection-sunscreen; tight weave clothing, sunglasses, and hats.


  • I need to eat three regular meals every day.
  • Limit junk food such as candy, chips, juice, and sodas.
  • Make mealtimes a time for the family to eat together and for me to talk with you about my day.

Oral Health

  • Make sure I brush my teeth twice a day and floss regularly.
  • My dentist should see me at least twice a year.

Sexuality Education

  • Find out what is being taught by the school to me about sex.
  • Be open to answering any and all questions I may ask you about sex and sexuality. Your answers must be appropriate to my age and level of understanding.
  • Use TV time, commercials or other media we share to begin discussions about my sexual feelings and appropriate expressions of them. Your family values and opinions are a launching point for any questions I may have.
  • Get age appropriate material to share/discuss when I show signs of awareness of my sexuality or have questions.

Behavioral and Social

  • Praise me for my accomplishments and good behaviors.
  • Spend time with me alone on a regular basis, doing something we both enjoy.
  • Assign me age-appropriate chores in the house.
  • Set limits and establish consequences for unacceptable behavior.
  • Teach me to manage anger and resolve conflicts without violence. Be a good role model.
  • Become involved in my school by attending regular parent-teacher conferences.
  • Get to know my friends and their families.


  • I probably want to be independent and need to play and interact with friends my own age. At the same time, I need to have positive interactions with adults at home and school to help reinforce my self-esteem.
  • My self-esteem is strengthened when I am recognized for achieving success in school, sports, or help to make a difference in the community. You can make this happen by placing me in situations at home and at school that will encourage me to achieve my full potential.
  • My emerging independence and sense of competence will make me want to have input about my bedtime, the amount of TV watching, free time in the playground, and choices in selecting friends and opportunities. Proper guidance and natural consequences should be provided in each case to reinforce my budding self-discipline.
  • In the next couple of years, my body will change. Help me prepare for the changes of puberty such as hair growth, monthly periods, acne, and breast development by having open and frank conversations about these subjects. This will help me develop a healthy attitude toward my own sexuality.
If your child is seriously ill, please call us directly at (512) 458-5323

If your child is seriously ill, please call us directly at (512) 458-5323