Twelve Month Well Check



What I Can Do Now

  • I can babble and screech in my own little language and may even say “Mama” or “Dada” and one or two other words, especially ones only my family can interpret.
  • I can drink from a cup.
  • I can throw a ball. I may drop or throw things from the table on purpose.
  • I can point with my index finger and I can bang two blocks together.
  • I can pick up small objects and feed myself with my fingers.
  • I can pull up to stand and walk holding on; I may even take a few steps alone.
  • I can wave bye-bye and/or clap.

Help Me Learn to Eat Healthfully

  • If I am breastfeeding, it is okay to start weaning me off now to whole milk.  If I am taking formula you can let me have whole milk in a cup, please.
  • Offer me a colorful palette of foods. Proteins, vegetables, whole grains and fruits should be included.
  • Do not give me high sugar foods, such as desserts and candy or juice.
  • I can eat many table foods in small pieces and practice with my cup and spoon.  Please do not give me foods like hot dogs, grapes, nuts and popcorn because I may choke on them. Don’ let me run or play with food in my mouth.
  • It is normal for me to gain weight a bit more slowly now.  I am also becoming very picky about what I eat.  If you are really concerned, talk to my doctor.
  • I should still get 400 IU of Vitamin D daily.

Protect My Teeth

  • Brush my teeth with a soft brush and a pea sized amount of toothpaste after meals.
  • It is ok for me to drink unfiltered tap water (city water) to get the fluoride I need.
  • Please do not put me to bed with a bottle of juice or milk. Do not allow me to carry a bottle or sippy cup with fluids other than water. These practices will harm my teeth.

Play and Learn with Me

  • Hold me, cuddle me and talk to me.  I love it! I may be reluctant to separate from my parents.
  • Play pat a cake and peek-a-boo with me.  Read to me.  I love looking at pictures. Check out the Austin Public Library storytime events.
  • Do not let me watch TV or play video games. Encourage me to play
  • I am getting more social now. Find opportunities for me to play with other children.
  • I love to empty containers and drawers this is a fun game when we play together.

Keep Me Safe

  • Please keep guns and bullets in a separate place and lock them up!
  • Set water heaters to no more than 120°F.
  • The back seat of the car is the safest for me.  I should stay rear-facing until age two. Check the weight and height limits on my car seat. www.nhtsa,gov
  • Make sure all electrical outlets at home have safety plugs.  Make sure all medicines at home are locked up.  I am very curious about these things and like to get into cabinets and taste everything. www.poisoncontrol.orgTexas Poison Control Hotline 1-800-222-1222
  • Keep a close eye on me at all times when I am near water, however, shallow. Keep toilets closed or use toilet locks to keep me from falling into
  • Please do not let anyone smoke in the house or in the car.
  • Check to make sure smoke alarms are working.  Change the batteries in the smoke alarms two times a year (when the time changes in the spring and fall).
  • Sunglasses with UV protection and hats are good to protect my eyes from direct sunlight. Use broad-spectrum sunscreen on exposed areas.
  • Bug-spray containing DEET is ok to use on me when mosquitoes are biting.
  • Never shake me. Don’t swing or jerk  me by my arms. It can dislocate my elbows.

Discipline and Sleep

  • Praise me when I do good things.
  • My new drive for independence is what helps me to learn, but I will begin to test limits.  When I do something wrong, say “no” verbally, then remove me from the situation.  Redirect me instead of saying “No” whenever appropriate.  BE CONSISTENT about what is ok and not ok.
  • Offer me an acceptable toy or activity in place of the unacceptable choice (“Here, have this ball instead of Daddy’s pen”).
If your child is seriously ill, please call us directly at (512) 458-5323

If your child is seriously ill, please call us directly at (512) 458-5323