Newborns and Illness


A newborn is a baby less than one month old. Newborns generally eat, sleep, cry,  need their diapers changed frequently, and require lots of love. If a newborn is ill, the symptoms can be subtle. It is possible for a newborn to deteriorate quickly.

Please call our office day or night for any of the following:

  • Your baby is two months or younger and develops a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher rectally.
  • Your newborn is less than one month of age with any sign of illness (e.g., bad cough, poor color, vomiting or diarrhea). Exception: mild nasal congestion or sneezing.
  • Your baby looks or acts very sick.
  • Your baby becomes lethargic (like a rag doll) and does not respond.
  • Constant crying for over three hours.
  • Mouth and lips become bluish.
  • Skin becomes grayish.

If any of the above occurs or you have urgent questions or concerns, call our office number (512) 458-5323 day or night. If it is after hours, you will hear a recording explaining how to reach the physician or nurse on call. Be prepared to give your baby’s name, age, medication, temperature, and any other relevant information when you are called back. If you do not hear back in a reasonable period of time, always call again. There is a charge for all after hour calls.

For routine questions, you may call during our regular office hours. Our nursing staff is all Registered Nurses with pediatric experience, and will be happy to discuss your concerns. The nurses “triage” the calls received and make every effort to call back promptly, but will return the more urgent phone calls with ill children first. It is reasonable to expect to receive a return call the same day, usually within a couple of hours, unless we are very busy. There is no charge for calling during regular office hours.

If your child is seriously ill, please call us directly at (512) 458-5323

If your child is seriously ill, please call us directly at (512) 458-5323