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No matter the sport, the physicians and staff at Pediatric Associates of Austin are available to assist you and your child with a sports physical in the Austin, TX area. Baseline concussion testing is also recommended before participating in a contact sport.

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“Great experience. The doctor was great with my 11 year old son for his sports physical.”

– Ford M.

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Sports Physicals Q&A

How Is a Pre-Participation Physical Examination Different from a Regular Physical Exam?

Primarily, a sports physical only checks for problems as they relate to playing a sport. For example, the doctor looks to see if your child has a healthy heart and lungs, so he or she will not get hurt on the field.

However, in a regular physical examination, the doctor considers more aspects of your child’s well-being, including overall health. These can include less vital problems, such as skin issues, that do not affect an athlete’s performance. Additionally, annual well-visits include a regular physical exam. Overall, a physical exam is performed to ensure your child doesn’t have any medical conditions that could cause a future problem.

Why Does My Child Need a Sports Physical?

Typically, a pre-participation physical examination is required when a child wants to start playing a new sport at the beginning of every season. It is imperative for children to have these physicals because it helps to discover problems that might be detrimental to your child once the sports begin. For example, if your child has undiagnosed asthma, he or she could experience serious discomfort or even serious injury during a game. The doctor can also recommend training tips and exercises to help your child get in better shape and help prevent injuries.

What Happens During a Sports Physical?

During the physical, the doctor and his staff will ask about your child’s medical history to see if he or she is at risk for certain conditions. Additionally, they will check your child’s height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, and vision to make sure there are no pre-existing issues or concerns.

If you have had a well-visit in our office within the last year, we have the ability to complete a sports physical form as well. All aspects of the sports physical are included as part of the well-exam.