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For telemedicine visits please call our office.

What Parents Are Saying:

“So kind, patient, and accommodating for our family. Thank you!”
– Blake H.

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Telemedicine Q & A

Pediatric Associates offers Telemedicine Consult Visits.  The types of visits eligible for telemedicine include discussion of ADD/ADHD, mental health concerns, behavioral concerns, lab results, and discussion of certain prescription medication refills.

What will I pay for a telemedicine visit?

The cost should be the same as an in-office visit and the payment is made over the phone prior to the telemedicine visit. Our regular financial policies will apply regarding payments.

What type of consent is needed for a telemedicine visit?

PAA will email a consent form and when you reply to that email, you are agreeing to the policy and consent to treatment via the telemedicine platform. You will then be sent a link that can be used from any smartphone or a computer with a webcam.

What should I do before my telemedicine visit?

  • Go to a well-lit room and close the door to minimize external noise
  • Make sure your device is plugged in and has enough charge
  • Check your internet speed. Make sure you have at least 15Mbps for upload and 5Mbps for download. If you don’t know your internet speed, you can search ‘internet speed test’ in your web browser and this will allow you to test your internet speed for free.


Please write down any questions so that we make sure to address all your concerns.