Annual Pediatric Checkup

It is important for a doctor to monitor your child’s development to make sure he or she is progressing on schedule. Pediatric Associates of Austin offers annual pediatric checkups for children in the Austin, TX area to check for any problems or issues as the child grows.

What Parents say:

“Everyone we interacted with today was wonderful! It’s not easy seeing a family of five all at once! We appreciate all the extra efforts put in place to make our visit safe and efficient.”

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Annual Pediatric Checkup Q&A

What Is an Annual Pediatric Checkup?

An annual pediatric checkup is a yearly wellness exam where your child is examined to make sure he/she is developing properly and on schedule. Typically, these checkups begin as soon as the child is born and continue until he/she is an adult of at least 18 years of age. We see ages up to 23 years old.

During your child’s first year, he/she will visit the doctor several times. However, after 36 months of age, they will only need to see the doctor once a year to check for any emerging health issues.

Why Does My Child Need an Annual Pediatric Checkup?

All children should have a pediatric physical exam once a year. These annual checkups include vaccinating for common diseases, monitoring growth, and ensuring your child is illness/disease free. If your child is developing behind schedule, the pediatrician can quickly observe them and identify any potential pediatric issues early to prevent complications. Some disorders do not have obvious symptoms and may only be noticeable by the watchful and practiced eye of a doctor.

Pediatric wellness checks are a great time to review the family medical history and receive age-appropriate safety information to allow parents the best resources for taking care of their children.

Additionally, if your child wants to play sports at school, they will most likely need to have a pediatric physical exam and checkup performed first. Schools and camps require annual well-visits.

What Happens During an Annual Pediatric Checkup?

At your child’s physical appointment, their height and weight will be measured and compared to averages for their age group. Additionally, they may receive immunizations to protect against disease. The doctor may check hearing, sight, blood pressure and perform a complete physical exam to make sure there are no developmental deficiencies. The annual well-care visit is also a great time to ask the doctor any questions you have about your child’s health and well-being.